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Dice are so Bloody Annoying
Om Nom
Is it really that hard to show all the sides? Both the sellers and company that makes them do this and it's very aggravating.

This is pretty much me taking a gamble and hoping for a Monferno. I have the Lucario pictured and recognize another one as the green Riolu dice I have. Outside of that I have no idea what I just bought.

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Or hell, even if they're so lazy to photograph all sides(HARD WORK), LIST THE NAMES OF THE POKEMON. Sellers be mad DUMB but I think the company does it on purpose to get you to buy them because of the "what if X Pokemon is there?"
With sellers, it would be far better for them to list all the Pokemon in the description. You are then now appearing on A LOT of searches for those specific Pokemon. But people don't want money, apparently.

Oh yeah didn't consider that for the companies. There have been times where I was tempted to buy a full set to see who all was there but I've so far been relying on other people to do it. xD

They really don't want money. This seller did neither of those. They didn't even list the names of the visible pokemon. -_- If they had done at least that I have no doubt I wouldn't have won it at the starting bid.

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