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- Dog friendly home but she has not been in contact with anything except the Fennekin plush.
- Items here may be cross listed on eBay. If an item is bought or has a bid on eBay, eBay will take priority.
- I'm always willing to haggle but don't be offended if I refuse.
- Minimum $3 purchase! No exceptions.
- Ask about condition! More photos upon request.
- Inquiring about an item will put a 2 hour hold on it (a.k.a. quotes have priority).
- You have 2 days to pay. After that the item is made available again. If you'll be late let me know in advance.
- Prices DO NOT include shipping or fees unless stated otherwise.
- I'm in the US. I usually ship within 5 days.
- International shipping for non-flats starts at $9.50 to Canada and $13.50 to everywhere else.
- If it can go in a regular envelope I'll be shipping it in a regular envelope by default. For everything else I'll be using manilla envelopes for flats and bubble mailers for non-flats unless stated otherwise. I ship first class whenever possible.
- Comments will be screened every couple of months. (Last screened: 6/22/2016)
- Feedback will be left when/if confirm you've received your item(s).

Sales Permission granted by godudette on 5/28/2013.

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- I will do wishlist trades. (
- Any non-finalized trades will be voided if you fail to respond after three days.
- I'm mainly just interesting in trading for Riolu/Lycanroc items (no book pages).
- I might be interested in merch not on my wishlist. Feel free to offer something not on there.
- I ship first class if possible. If you want priority when first class is available you need to either a) ship priority as well or b) pay the difference.
- International Traders: The value of your item must exceed or come close to the shipping cost (sorry but I can't pay $13.50 to ship out my half only to receive a $2 item in return).

Lucario Tohoku Shopper (other side) - $8
Mega Mawile Clearfile - $3
Mega Mawile Clearfile (1)

Shiny Riolu (by usakochan) - $200 Shipped OBO
The white collar and pawpads aren't the official shiny Riolu colors. Someone with sewing skills could probably fix that.
This 1ft tall plush is top heavy and tends to lean forward. Plush doesn't come with the tail ribbon. Will be shipped in box.

Sleeping Fennekin - $60 (most likely will be shipped in a box)
Custom Altaria (by shuuichi_chan) - $20
Noibat Tomy Plush, Lycanroc Banpresto Plush - $15

Clip n' Carry Figures (First and Second Print), Gold Metal Figure - $10 each (will be shipped in boxes)
Copper, Silver, Bronze Metal Figures - $6 each
Noibat Trettas - $1 each
Noibat Metal Figures (2)20170512_141715

PBH Handkerchief - $10
Lucario Dice - $5 each
PBH HandkerchiefDice Lot (1)

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ----> N/A

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May increase shipping. Lunch purse has writing, Lucario zukan piece is missing a set of aura sensors.
.Freebie Lunch PurseFreebie Zukans
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