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- Dog friendly home but she has not been in contact with anything.
- Items here may be cross listed on eBay. If an item is bought or has a bid on eBay, eBay will take priority.
- I'm always willing to haggle but please don't be offended if I refuse.
- Minimum $3 purchase! No exceptions.
- Ask about condition! More photos upon request.
- Inquiring about an item will put a 2 hour hold on it (a.k.a. quotes have priority).
- If it's in blue it's on an extended hold. I only do extended holds for commitments.
- You have 2 days to pay. After that the item is made available again. If you'll be late let me know in advance.
- Prices DO NOT include shipping or fees unless stated otherwise.
- I'm in the US. I usually ship within 5 days.
- International shipping for non-flats starts at $9.50 to Canada and $13.50 to everywhere else.
- If it can go in a regular envelope I'll be shipping it in a regular envelope by default. For everything else I'll be using manilla envelopes for flats and bubble mailers for non-flats unless stated otherwise. I ship first class whenever possible.
- Comments will be screened every couple of months. (Last screened: 6/22/2016)
- Feedback will be left when/if confirm you've received your item(s).

Sales Permission granted by godudette on 5/28/2013.

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- I will do wishlist trades. ( and (
- Any non-finalized trades will be voided if you fail to respond after three days.
- I'm mainly just interesting in trading for Riolu/Lycanroc items (no book pages).
- I might be interested in merch not on my wishlist. Feel free to offer something not on there.
- I ship first class if possible. If you want priority when first class is available you need to either a) ship priority as well or b) pay the difference.
- International Traders: The value of your item must exceed or come close to the shipping cost (sorry but I can't pay $13.50 to ship out my half only to receive a $2 item in return).

Lugia, Ho-Oh Clearfiles - $17 each
Jolteon, (used) Glaceon PokeBox Charm - $15 each
Pikachu No. 4 Charm - $10
Mega Mawile Clearfile - $3

Shiny Riolu (by usakochan) - $200 Shipped
The white collar and pawpads aren't the official shiny Riolu colors. Someone with sewing skills could probably fix that.
This 1ft tall plush is top heavy and tends to lean forward. Plush doesn't come with the tail ribbon. Will be shipped in box.

Gold Noibat Metal Figure - $8
Eevee, Umbreon, Glaceon PokeBox Charms - $7 each
Copper, Silver, Bronze Noibat Metal Figures - $6 each
Lycanroc Charm (by siplick), PKMNCollectors Pathtag - $5 each
Noibat Trettas, Guardian's Rising Card Albums - $1 each (albums free with purchase)
Mega Mawile Pin - $3
Fire Trainer Pin - Freebie

PBH Handkerchief - $10
Journals, Lucario Pokken Towel - $5 each

Sealed Mimikyu Noodle Seal - $2.50
Lycanroc, Litten, Lucario, Rowlet, Suicune, Entei Noodle Seals - $2 each
Zygarde, W. Kyurem, B. Kyurem, Tapu Koko, Squirtle, Piplup, Incineroar, Ho-Oh, Sealed Solgaleo Noodle Seals - $1.50 each
Keldeo, Oshawaott, Axew, Pikachu, Virizion, Togepi, Scraggy, Meloetta, Emolga, Pansage, A. Meowth, Solgaleo, Komala, Wobbuffet Noodle Seals - $1 each
Noodle Seals (1)Noodle Seals (2)

Mimikyu, Rockruff, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio Tohato Stickers - $3 each
Pyukumuku, Bewear, Drampa, Rotom-Dex, Cutiefly, Tapu Koko, Lunala, Solagleo, Charizard Tohato Stickers - $2 each
Oriocorio, Komala, Vikavolt, Turtonator, Mudbray, Bruxish, Comfey, Bounsweet, Grubbin, Pikachu, Tauros Tohato Stickers - $1 each
Tohato Stickers

Tohato Snacks - .50 each with sticker purchase otherwise $1 each
These can be shipped in mailers or boxes. With mailers you risk them getting crushed.
Tohato Snacks

Large Pokemon Adventure Camp (2014) - $12
Eevee/Eeveelutions, Espeon/Umbreon - $10 each
Small Pokemon Adventure Camp (2014), Mega Lucario/Lucario/Riolu - $7 each
Scyther/Scizor, Zorua/Zoroark - $6 each
Lampent/Chandelure, Lugia/Ho-Oh, Shiny Rayquaza - $5 each
Everyone Else - $3 each

Shoppers (1)Shoppers (2)

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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ----> N/A

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May increase shipping. Lunch purse has writing on the back bottom right corner.
.Freebie Lunch PurseFreebie ZukanFreebie Stickers
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Committed to Lycanroc Charm (by siplick) - $5

but I was wondering if that Lugia clearfile, if it was holographic? or is that just the lighting?

Also, would you sell the pokebox coins separately? I'm only looking for the darker jolteon one.
If so, how much would you sell it for?

Hi! Would you accept $12 for the pokebox Glaceon charm? I am also interested in the Pokemon Conquest art book, could I have a few pictures of the inside to get an idea of what's in it? Thanks. =)

I need to ask a mod regarding the charm. Someone else has committed to it full price so I'm not sure if that means you get a chance to offer full price due to my 2 hour hold window or if they get it. I'll get back to you.

My apologies if the last two pics are kinda grainy. I just took those now and the lighting is bad since it just rained. Also someone else has committed to the artbook. As per my rules since you expressed interest in it you have a two hour hold before I move to the next person.

I'm interested in the Sylveon pokebox coin you have. Would you be willing to sell separately? Or trade for my silver Sylveon coin?

I would be willing to sell separately but I'm not interesting in trading for different coins (and I actually prefer the pink Sylveon over the silver).

Committed to Glaceon Pokebox charm and both Lucario stamps to 22030 please!

I will get back to you on the charm and your total as someone else has asked about it and I need to confirm something with a mod.

Pokemon conquest artbook to 65803 please! (Committed!)

Someone else has asked about the book. I'll let you know if they pass. ^^

Committed to Lycanroc charm, Silvally sticker freebie, Lucario zukan freebie to 30114 USA

Also let me know if Yungoos is on any of the Tohato stickers!

How much would the sylveon Pokebox coin be?

Judging by what my other Sylveon went for I'd put it at $100. I don't really know what to price it at so as always I'm open to offers.

all I want is my Sylveon pokebox coin ^^

anyway you'd split the set and if so how much would she be?


might also want the Jolteon coin as well *one on top row* let me know ;)


Jolteon has sold, I just haven't gotten the chance to update.
Shiny Sylveon is $100 OBO.

If by some miracle the Lucario pokebox stamps become available again, I will commit to them!

I will keep you updated on what happens. ~

Would you be willing to do $90 shipped to Canada for the Slyveon coin? ; v ;

Hello! I'd like to leave the coin up for grabs for at least a day so I'll get back to you on your offer.

Ahhh, there are a couple things I'll be committing to as soon as I'm paid (sadly a week away) or if I make a sale. ♡ You have an awesome selection!

Thank you! I was actually worried I didn't have enough of a selection. I'd be happy to do longer committed holds. May I ask what you're interested in? Some of these items are pending.

hi, after a quote for the solgaleo noodle seal and if you can get a tahato solgaleo? to new zealand 5014 please?:)

Hi! Looks like the total would be $2.77 for the noodle seal with shipping in an envelope and a top loader. If I get the tahato sticker then the total will be $4.85.

If you'd like to wait and see which tahato stickers I get I can hold this item if you're committed. Payment would not be due until I can verify the stickers.

I'm committed to the shiny Jolteon coin to 12850 ^_^ Good thing I checked my coin display, I already had the antiqued one hahah. Would you take $40 for it? I am also SUPER interested in the Tahato when you get them!!! Chocolate pokemon snacks sound amazing!

I'll meet in the middle at $45?

The chocolate snacks are really tasty. That's good because I'd hate to be buying so many and not be able to eat them. I know the Tahato snacks come in a few flavors that get swapped out every so often. I really want to try the milk one.

What pokemon you were interested in? Or did you just want the snacks?

Can I get a cheapest possible quote for sleeping Fennekin to 62650?
And he is in good condition I assume? :)

Edited at 2017-08-10 08:56 am (UTC)

Hi! The cheapest total (shipping in mailer) would be $71.01. This would be priority shipping as Fennekin alone is too heavy for first class. He's in great condition. :)

I have a few more pictures if it helps.

can i please commit to tapu koko and lycanroc stickers? still looking!

Uh, what Lycanroc sticker?

Edit: Sorry, meant Tapu Koko. There's two different ones, did you want the noodle or tohato?

Edited at 2017-08-27 05:42 pm (UTC)

Committed to the Turtonator sticker to 23188!

Turtonator alone doesn't meet the minimum $3 purchase. Was there anything else you were interested in?

can i also add rockruff 2$ sticker to the 1.50 lycanroc and 1.50 tapu koko stickers? nd the wimpod sticker as a freebie to 27164? thank you so much!!

So that's the Tohato Rockruff/Tapu Koko with the Lycanroc noodle seal.

Your total is $6.18. You can send this amount to Name and what you bought in the note.

Unless you want me to com
Entei here: Entei and Incineroar Noodle Stickers

Hi! I would like to claim your Rotom snack flats (there's two that I saw). Zip is 60440

Thank you!

Also I'm happy to buy any other Rotom stuff you have but I can't see your post too well since I'm in a bouncing car.

If the snacks don't meet the limit I'm happy to add the Mimikyu sticker on at $2!

hi just checking that you got my payment?

Hello! Yes, I got your payment. The package was shipped out yesterday. :)

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