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Ravishing Riolu GA
Om Nom
Some of these guys came with a few little strands of hair on them. Ugh. I picked off any I saw but I may have missed some. A lot of them also have loose.....strings? threads? hanging from them. Those appear to be no big deal and a pair of scissors usually does well to levitate that problem.
*Note - I have a habit of making things sound worse then they are. For the most part these are all in really good condition really. Just want to make sure you all are aware of any little problems with them.

Sorry for the bad pictures. It's cloudy here.

animecatmew - Super DX Lucario
No hand tag or tush tag. It looks like he has some red fabric stuck to his tail. I'll see if I can get that out. Other than that a good lint brushing and he'll be fine.
edit: Soap and water got the red stuff out. Brushed his fur around the part I washed so you can't tell it was there. Went over him with a lint brush so he looks really good now. ^^

chikachikorita - 2009 Riolu Pokedoll
Was a small mark on the tag but I managed to rub it off. Tag is curved a little but other than that he looks mint.

ckoizumi - 2009 JPN Lucario Pokedoll
Tag is creased in some paces but otherwise he looks mint. :)

kwingette, loveespeon - 2007 JPN Riolu Pokedolls
OMG one of them has a shirt! That's so cute! Can I keep the shirt or does someone want it? xD Tags on both these guys are ever so slightly curved and have crease marks. One has more creases than the other.

mewmew151 - Large Tomy Riolu, Laying Lucario, Xmas Riolu
Loose threads/strings on all off them. Only Xmas Riolu showed signs of hair. Pretty sure I got them all off. Will go over with lint brush before shipping. Tomy Riolu and Xmas Riolu have tags.
edit: Went over with lint brush. They all look good now. :)

princesspichu - Fuzzy Pastel Lucario
Few signs of hair and a few loose strings/threads. The loose thread/string thing is probably common with his material because I had the same problem with mine. He has his tag but it's been taped for some reason. Will go over with lint brush before shipping.
edit: Also went over with lint brush. It helped but there's still a few stragglers. Overall he looks really good though.

riolu (me!) - 2005 US Lucario Pokedoll
NOOO I need the 2005 JPN not US. Dangit. xD He's very clean but his hand tag is slightly curved. Since I already have this guy I'll be selling him. Also for confirmation, the 2005 ENG Lucario does not have a bar-code on his tag.

A dice bag that was included in the lot as a surprise. I will be claiming this for $5.

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Aww. Sorry to hear that your Lucario is an English version and not a Japanese one like you wanted. :( Just out of curiosity, how much were you thinking you might sell him for?

Thanks. Funny how he ended up being the only English one in the lot. xD
I'll probably sell him for the price I won him at plus shipping. I think it was like $15.50 or something.

Okay. I'll keep that in mind in case I decide to get that one someday. :)

By the way, I sent payment 3 not too long ago. Not sure if it will make tomorrow's shipment since I have no idea what time it is where you are, but I'm fine if it goes out next week. ^^

EDIT: Haha. Literally just saw your comment now. XD Glad to hear. :)

Edited at 2014-12-05 06:30 am (UTC)

Okie dokie. He tends to stay around that price ($15-$20) range so even if I no longer have him you can expect to find him around that price. x)

It's 1:45 am lol. I'll usually continue to pack stuff into the hours of the morning unless every else in the house is asleep.

Hey Riolu! Just wanted to let you know that there is a Japanese Red Tag Lucario pokedoll on sale on ebay now (although there appears to be a bidding war going on over it). Item number is 381073726326. In case you're interested. :)

Why are these people bidding so early? *-*
Thank you!

No idea, but I've seen people bidding earlier than this before. Once, I had something for sale that got bids when there were 6 days left. The ones that bid super early scare me because those are the ones that usually end up retracting their bid or don't pay right away. X(

No problem! :D

I don't think I've ever had something get a bid that early. I've had someone end an auction at the starting bid with 6 days left when I placed my bid for whatever reason. xD

Hey there Riolu! Just wanted to let you know that I received Lucario today in the mail and I absolutely adore him. X3 He is definitely the best Lucario plush I have. I left you feedback. Thank you so much for making my first GA a great one. :)

Nice. Seems like the PO is picking up the pace for the holidays. I've left you feedback as well. He's is definitely the best Lucario plush in terms of softness. <3

True dat! XD

By the way, I have been following the plush artist that you recommended for the Lucario custom and I must say that I am very much liking the progress she's making on the plush. :) You said that you bought the Riolu from her, correct? I was wondering if you could tell me how soft and how durable the plush is. I am seriously considering buying her Lucario plush as a substitute to the Heartland plush since hers will be made of minky and hopefully have a more "huggable" quality. ^^

Ah. It seems he's getting closer to being completed. ^^
Indeed she did make my Riolu. Funny enough when I found her she had also posted just a picture of the head. xD
Also perfect timing that you received Lucario. I compared Riolu to the Lucario pokedoll I would say the material she's using is actually softer than Lucario's if that helps give an idea. :) Riolu seems very durable but I wouldn't try tossing him across the room or anything reckless haha. But some hugging and cuddling won't damage him. ^^

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