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HTTYD 2 (No Major Spoilers) + Future Gets
Om Nom
So I saw HTTYD2. Very good movie. I'm not sure if I like this one better than the first.
A bit fast paced at some points. I also feel like Dreamworks really dropped the ball by revealing his mom in the trailers. It took a lot from that scene because I knew who it was and knew what was about to happen.
Lots and lots of adorable Toothless moments. Cloudjumper is totally my second favorite dragon now. He's just so cute even though he tries to act all serious.
Just two things bugged me. Lack of interaction between the rest of the riders and Hiccup (they get more screen time so that's something I guess) and the ending. Good lord that ending. It reminded me of Frozen where it just seemed like a big Deus ex machina "love and friendship conquers all" type of thing. Plus I'm not really sure how I feel about what the writers did with Toothless at the end. He was powerful enough already and that seems like a counter productive addition to a creature who most likely is mostly active at night and relies on darkness (though it did look really cool).
Like the first movie I didn't pay too much attention to the soundtrack while watching but I did listen to it when I got home. As of now I still think the first one is better. Granted the tracks in the second one have more going on (more instruments and such) but only two of the songs really stood out to me. With the first HTTYD it was pretty much "I HAVE to buy this soundtrack". With this one it's like "eh, if I come into some extra money I might get it." I do like how some of the tracks from the first movie were incorporated into the second (namely "This is Berk" and "Romantic Flight"). And as expected the main melody was used quite a few times which is awesome because I love it.

Overall would recommend. And sooner than later cause my deviantart feed is starting to get filled with spoilers. I'll be impatiently waiting for its DVD release.


In other news, the last of the major auctions I was hoping to win ended today. I was all prepared for a bid war but I guess the other person either forgot or didn't want the lot that much. So glad to have won this.

Riolu's Blaze Kick Amanda! It's the last unique Holo Amanda I needed. There's still others but these are just slightly different variations of ones I already own.

The other important one was this handkerchief. You can't see Riolu from the auction picture but I've seen a picture of this handkerchief opened and Riolu is on it.


In other other news I have one very large plush that was recently finished buuuuuuuut I'm going to see if the artist can add one additional thing to him to satisfy my HTTYD addiction at the moment.

Technically I have another plush that was also finished but the artist messed up the commission. Not sure how this is going to work out. We'll see.
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