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General Refs for Commissions

Getting tired of having to google refs every time I want to commission something so I'll just put a bunch of them here and link to this journal for now. Hopefully this helps lol.

sugimori (1)md riolu
anime (1)anime (2)
anime (3)anime (4)

Midday Lycanroc
sugimori (1)sugimori (2)sugimori (3)

tomy (1)tomy (2)tomy (3)
howler (1)howler (2)

Shiny Midday Lycanroc
shiny midday

Midnight Lycanroc
sugimori (1)sugimori (2)tomy (1)

tomy (2)tomy (3)tomy (4)
anime (1)anime (2)anime

Shiny Midnight Lycanroc
Shiny Lycanroc (1)Shiny Lycanroc (2)Shiny Lycanroc (3)
Shiny Lycanroc (4)
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Ravishing Riolu GA

Some of these guys came with a few little strands of hair on them. Ugh. I picked off any I saw but I may have missed some. A lot of them also have loose.....strings? threads? hanging from them. Those appear to be no big deal and a pair of scissors usually does well to levitate that problem.
*Note - I have a habit of making things sound worse then they are. For the most part these are all in really good condition really. Just want to make sure you all are aware of any little problems with them.

Sorry for the bad pictures. It's cloudy here.

animecatmew - Super DX Lucario
No hand tag or tush tag. It looks like he has some red fabric stuck to his tail. I'll see if I can get that out. Other than that a good lint brushing and he'll be fine.
edit: Soap and water got the red stuff out. Brushed his fur around the part I washed so you can't tell it was there. Went over him with a lint brush so he looks really good now. ^^

chikachikorita - 2009 Riolu Pokedoll
Was a small mark on the tag but I managed to rub it off. Tag is curved a little but other than that he looks mint.

ckoizumi - 2009 JPN Lucario Pokedoll
Tag is creased in some paces but otherwise he looks mint. :)

kwingette, loveespeon - 2007 JPN Riolu Pokedolls
OMG one of them has a shirt! That's so cute! Can I keep the shirt or does someone want it? xD Tags on both these guys are ever so slightly curved and have crease marks. One has more creases than the other.

mewmew151 - Large Tomy Riolu, Laying Lucario, Xmas Riolu
Loose threads/strings on all off them. Only Xmas Riolu showed signs of hair. Pretty sure I got them all off. Will go over with lint brush before shipping. Tomy Riolu and Xmas Riolu have tags.
edit: Went over with lint brush. They all look good now. :)

princesspichu - Fuzzy Pastel Lucario
Few signs of hair and a few loose strings/threads. The loose thread/string thing is probably common with his material because I had the same problem with mine. He has his tag but it's been taped for some reason. Will go over with lint brush before shipping.
edit: Also went over with lint brush. It helped but there's still a few stragglers. Overall he looks really good though.

riolu (me!) - 2005 US Lucario Pokedoll
NOOO I need the 2005 JPN not US. Dangit. xD He's very clean but his hand tag is slightly curved. Since I already have this guy I'll be selling him. Also for confirmation, the 2005 ENG Lucario does not have a bar-code on his tag.

A dice bag that was included in the lot as a surprise. I will be claiming this for $5.
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Dice are so Bloody Annoying

Is it really that hard to show all the sides? Both the sellers and company that makes them do this and it's very aggravating.

This is pretty much me taking a gamble and hoping for a Monferno. I have the Lucario pictured and recognize another one as the green Riolu dice I have. Outside of that I have no idea what I just bought.
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Finally + Customs Ahoy

I've finally gotten a hold of this darn deco chara holder. This thing has been evading me for months as it would always be in a lot and end up going way too high or just priced too high in general. Luckily I had no competition for this lot and won it at the starting price. The seller had them listed as new but I have no idea if that means they have stickers. I don't know if deco charas come packaged with stickers.

That's not all though. I recently discovered the existence of a second deco chara with Riolu! A very pretty cherry blossom themed holder where he has an even bigger cameo. Amazingly, the exact same seller had another lot with this deco chara which was also listed as brand new. Won this one at the starting price as well. <3

Now unfortunately I expected a bid war for those two lots. Literally the day before these ended an auction for the second deco chara ended. It had a small scratch on the front but was in otherwise good condition. I ended up bidding on this one as well because I fully expected to lose the lots. I was honestly shocked when I saw them at 10 minutes left with no bids and was waiting for (or rather expecting) someone else to come in and bid against me. *sigh* On the bright side I know that one does contain some stickers! And they're actually Amandas and not Pan Stickers. I'll probably sell this extra one.


In other news, I've done some Lucario weeding (again). I love Lucario but I haven't really been buying for him recently. I initially slowed down for financial reasons and eventually stopped altogether but (like with Stitch) once I stopped I never really started back which lets me know I've lost interest in him. It became even more apparent when I won some recent items for him and questioned why I even bought them shortly afterward. Adding on to that I'm running out of room for Riolu. My case is almost full (YAY!). So I've gone through and separated the stuff that I want to keep from the stuff I plan on selling. I'll probably wait and post that when the other items I'm waiting on arrive since there's quite a bit of stuff I need to sell from one of the lots I won. Of course I'll still be picking up some of his stuff on occasion, just no where near the way I was when I first started collecting.

Also, I need to do a gets post with the customs I've gotten. Maybe when the most recent one is finished which I'm super exited about. I've been wanting to get that plush made for a minute. I'm sure anyone who browses the plush section on DeviantArt may have already encountered the completed ones but oh well. <3
Shiny Riolu Pokedoll

Dear Friend Safari...

As much as I love the three shiny Riolus you've given me in my hunt I'd really appreciate just getting the shiny Mienfoo so I can move on to something else.

Sincerely, ShinyMienfooPlz

P.S. Please stop trolling me with shiny Riolus. When I was initially looking for one you were being a jerk and gave me two shiny Mankeys. Now shiny Riolus seem to be all I can find.

ANOTHER shiny Riolu. And a shiny Pancham who I shall name Chocobear.

EDit2: Alright, let's get a counter going.
Shiny Riolu: 5
Shiny Pancham: 1
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Digital Camera Woes

So it's come to my attention that as good as my phone is with pictures, they're still not coming out how I want them. For phone pictures they're great, but for website pictures I need something that can make clearer pics.

I knew my grandfather had a few digital cameras so I played around with them for a minute. One of them has 7.4 MP or something, the other has either 14 or 16 MP. My phone has 8 MP.

Digitial cameras, to no surprise, took much better pictures than my phone. Most notably mister 14/16 MP. I eventually sat the 7whatever MP camera aside and concentrated solely on the higher one. I experimented with a few items to see how it did.

As you can see, some of them came out quite well.

Others, not so much.

One of the big issues with this camera is the focus. On my phone, if I hold the shutter it will auto-focus for 5 seconds max and then automatically snap the picture. Occasionally I would get a blurry one but for the most part they'd turn out ok. With this camera it tries to focus before hitting the shutter. If you hold it it'll be the standard red or green rectangle depending on if its focused or not however there's no time limit. I literally had to hold the camera for 2 minutes or so before I got to take some pictures and in other cases it took so long I just gave up. And this is with it sitting still on a flat surface.

Another issue you may have noticed is the pictures are coming out rather dark. On my phone I have changed the settings so pics will come out brighter. This camera has no such setting. Of course, the problem may be that may be because I was taking pictures in the corner and not in my usual place. Or perhaps the backdrop is too dark. Also, there was no sun out. Just a cloud free sky.

I'm not sure if I want to continue experimenting with this camera or just buy one. The focusing issue is a bigger problem than the lighting. With lighting all I have to do is find somewhere with more natural light or introduce an extra light source but I don't have time to be waiting 2 minutes per picture for the camera to focus. Especially when I have well over 200 pictures to take/replace. I'll probably experiment more with it over the weekend. Hopefully the sun will come out.

On that note, here's my favorite picture out of the 70 I took.

EDIT: Played around with the camera a little more. Learned a couple of things.

One, this camera has some major focusing issues. I noticed that it would focus really quickly if the items were further back a good ways but almost never do it when they were up close. Only exception was for the book thing I posted a little further up as well as the tin, no idea why. The other pictures had to be cropped. This does me absolutely no favors as a majority of my collection is small misc. things so I need to be able to take close up shots.

Secondly, I just can't get this thing to take bright pictures. I moved out of the corner and back into my usual place, I changed the backdrop to something lighter, I opened both curtains as opposed to just one, and the pictures still came out dark. Not as dark as the ones above, but still dark,