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CLOSED. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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- Dog friendly home but she has not been in contact with anything.
- Items here may be cross listed on eBay. If an item is bought or has a bid on eBay, eBay will take priority.
- I'm always willing to haggle but please don't be offended if I refuse.
- Minimum $3 purchase! No exceptions.
- Ask about condition! More photos upon request.
- Inquiring about an item will put a 2 hour hold on it (a.k.a. quotes have priority).
- If it's in blue it's on an extended hold. I only do extended holds for commitments.
- You have 2 days to pay. After that the item is made available again. If you'll be late let me know in advance.
- Prices DO NOT include shipping or fees unless stated otherwise.
- I'm in the US. I usually ship within 5 days.
- International shipping starts at $9.50 to Canada and $13.55 to everywhere else.
- Small flats are shipped in regular envelopes, large flats in manilla envelopes, and non-flats in bubble mailers unless stated otherwise.
- I ship first class whenever possible. Priority mail has to be requested.
- Comments will be screened every couple of months. (Last screened up to: 1/16/2019)
- Feedback will be left when/if confirm you've received your item(s).

Sales Permission granted by godudette on 5/28/2013.

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- I will do wishlist trades. (
- Any non-finalized trades will be voided if you fail to respond after three days.
- I'm only interested in trading for Riolu/Lycanroc items (no book pages or cameo merch).
- I might be interested in things not on my wishlist. Feel free to offer something not on there.
- If you want something shipped priority when first class is available you need to either ship priority as well or pay the difference.
- International Traders: The value of your item must exceed or come close to the shipping cost (sorry but I can't pay $13.55 to ship out my half only to receive a $2 item in return).


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