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Digital Camera Woes

So it's come to my attention that as good as my phone is with pictures, they're still not coming out how I want them. For phone pictures they're great, but for website pictures I need something that can make clearer pics.

I knew my grandfather had a few digital cameras so I played around with them for a minute. One of them has 7.4 MP or something, the other has either 14 or 16 MP. My phone has 8 MP.

Digitial cameras, to no surprise, took much better pictures than my phone. Most notably mister 14/16 MP. I eventually sat the 7whatever MP camera aside and concentrated solely on the higher one. I experimented with a few items to see how it did.

As you can see, some of them came out quite well.

Others, not so much.

One of the big issues with this camera is the focus. On my phone, if I hold the shutter it will auto-focus for 5 seconds max and then automatically snap the picture. Occasionally I would get a blurry one but for the most part they'd turn out ok. With this camera it tries to focus before hitting the shutter. If you hold it it'll be the standard red or green rectangle depending on if its focused or not however there's no time limit. I literally had to hold the camera for 2 minutes or so before I got to take some pictures and in other cases it took so long I just gave up. And this is with it sitting still on a flat surface.

Another issue you may have noticed is the pictures are coming out rather dark. On my phone I have changed the settings so pics will come out brighter. This camera has no such setting. Of course, the problem may be that may be because I was taking pictures in the corner and not in my usual place. Or perhaps the backdrop is too dark. Also, there was no sun out. Just a cloud free sky.

I'm not sure if I want to continue experimenting with this camera or just buy one. The focusing issue is a bigger problem than the lighting. With lighting all I have to do is find somewhere with more natural light or introduce an extra light source but I don't have time to be waiting 2 minutes per picture for the camera to focus. Especially when I have well over 200 pictures to take/replace. I'll probably experiment more with it over the weekend. Hopefully the sun will come out.

On that note, here's my favorite picture out of the 70 I took.

EDIT: Played around with the camera a little more. Learned a couple of things.

One, this camera has some major focusing issues. I noticed that it would focus really quickly if the items were further back a good ways but almost never do it when they were up close. Only exception was for the book thing I posted a little further up as well as the tin, no idea why. The other pictures had to be cropped. This does me absolutely no favors as a majority of my collection is small misc. things so I need to be able to take close up shots.

Secondly, I just can't get this thing to take bright pictures. I moved out of the corner and back into my usual place, I changed the backdrop to something lighter, I opened both curtains as opposed to just one, and the pictures still came out dark. Not as dark as the ones above, but still dark,
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