Riolu Pup (riolu) wrote,
Riolu Pup

Finally + Customs Ahoy

I've finally gotten a hold of this darn deco chara holder. This thing has been evading me for months as it would always be in a lot and end up going way too high or just priced too high in general. Luckily I had no competition for this lot and won it at the starting price. The seller had them listed as new but I have no idea if that means they have stickers. I don't know if deco charas come packaged with stickers.

That's not all though. I recently discovered the existence of a second deco chara with Riolu! A very pretty cherry blossom themed holder where he has an even bigger cameo. Amazingly, the exact same seller had another lot with this deco chara which was also listed as brand new. Won this one at the starting price as well. <3

Now unfortunately I expected a bid war for those two lots. Literally the day before these ended an auction for the second deco chara ended. It had a small scratch on the front but was in otherwise good condition. I ended up bidding on this one as well because I fully expected to lose the lots. I was honestly shocked when I saw them at 10 minutes left with no bids and was waiting for (or rather expecting) someone else to come in and bid against me. *sigh* On the bright side I know that one does contain some stickers! And they're actually Amandas and not Pan Stickers. I'll probably sell this extra one.


In other news, I've done some Lucario weeding (again). I love Lucario but I haven't really been buying for him recently. I initially slowed down for financial reasons and eventually stopped altogether but (like with Stitch) once I stopped I never really started back which lets me know I've lost interest in him. It became even more apparent when I won some recent items for him and questioned why I even bought them shortly afterward. Adding on to that I'm running out of room for Riolu. My case is almost full (YAY!). So I've gone through and separated the stuff that I want to keep from the stuff I plan on selling. I'll probably wait and post that when the other items I'm waiting on arrive since there's quite a bit of stuff I need to sell from one of the lots I won. Of course I'll still be picking up some of his stuff on occasion, just no where near the way I was when I first started collecting.

Also, I need to do a gets post with the customs I've gotten. Maybe when the most recent one is finished which I'm super exited about. I've been wanting to get that plush made for a minute. I'm sure anyone who browses the plush section on DeviantArt may have already encountered the completed ones but oh well. <3
Tags: lucario, riolu, screwing myself over
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